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Well… Well… look what we’ve got here!!! As we are all aware Magnetic Tapes was a popular medium for storage of data in 20th century then as the technology advanced we got ourselves introduced to what called the floppy discs which soon became obsolete, then came what is called the compact disks which proved to have many additional features when compared to the former. Now the technology has grown so much that we have got ourselves introduced to so called the USB flash drive. It is something that has taken over all the other media for storage and is invogue.Its features are just mind boggling!!!Believe me these drives are less than 10 cm in length and weighs less than 100 g while its storage capacity ranges between 64 MB to 64 GB!!! They are removable as well as rewritable. When it comes to portability nothing can beat what it offers,the user can carry it where ever he wants to!!! They are mechanically very robust and also when Comparing to hard drives and such devices their power consumption is extremely small. WHAT MORE YOU WANT!!!

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