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Hi.. guys.. Welcome back. This article is about the latest enhancement in the hardware technology. Yes now you can have your memory card inserted into an wireless mouse which satisfies our storage space. This mouse designed by Microsoft is for the Notebook users, who finds it difficult to operate through their touchpad. This cool gadget has a transceiver to transmit signals. So, we dont need an USB port to connect it. In addition to all, the most important feature is that you can add a 1GB memory stick to store your documents. This storage space can be used to store photos, presentations and all your bank account information. The Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 can be recharged using a single USB port and you can also use it while recharging them. Magnetic charging system is the latest innovative technology used for charging this storage mouse. Special 3D flip features in Vista can also be performed using Mobile Memory Mouse 8000. This device has no interference problems which enables you to operate them even at a distance of 30 feet from the transceiver.

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