Setting up a simple Home Ad-Hoc Network

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Many of us today, tend to change from our desktop PC's to the modern laptops. Most laptops have in-built Wi-fi in them. But in our home it's not quite possible to use it unless and until we have a wireless Access point to establish a connection. But here i present a solution for this. We just have to create an Ad-Hoc network. These networks has the capability to establish connections over a number of nodes. In order to set up a wireless ad-hoc network, one has to get a wireless data card for his desktop PC. And that is all for the hardware specifications. The set up involves two process

1. Host Configuration:
Here the desktop Pc is called the host configuration. First scan for your wireless connection in the desktop PC. After finding a connection, goto control Panel and select Network Connections. Now select the Wireless Network Adapter and click on properties by right clicking on them. In the Wireless tab click on Advanced and select Computer to Computer networks only. The next step is to set an access control for the users to log on. For this, click on add and enter a name for the Ad-Hoc network for the SSID. You can also implement various encryption and other authentication features for your network to improve the security. And with this, the host Configuration part is over. Now look on to set the Client Configuration.

2.Client Configuration:
Our laptops are considered to be the clients. Setting up a client is very simple. To do this just turn on your Wi-Fi connection and the rest of the process is the same as the host configuration except, you have to enter the same SSID name and select Computer to computer ad hoc networks only. After that scan for the available wireless ad-hoc networks in your laptop and enjoy Surfing. You can also enable Sharing Connectivity between the Host, Client and the printers.

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