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Video card is something that operates in a quite similar fashion to that of a sound card
and plays a vital role in providing detailed graphics.It needs to be plugged into the computer's motherboard through
a slot provided,but the processing of the graphics happen off the motherboard. Some video cards incorporates additional
features such as such:MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 decoding,Tv tuner adapter, mouse, light pen, joystick connectors
or have the ability to control two or more monitors.Some of the graphic card incorporates "anti-aliasing",which helps in
smoothing out the graphics and make the image look clearer.
They are considered to be assets for Graphic Designers and 3D Animators,who are in need for optimum displays.
Nowadays gaming freaks usually go for this as it could provide the end user with a real time viewing of displays.Many games
do not even work if your system does not have a video card.Not all video card could serve the exact purpose, so the user has
to be careful while choosing brands and versions.

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