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Welcome all.. This article mainly focuses to improve your security features while making money online and also while transacting huge amounts of money. A recent report says that as much as 1.66 crores has been stolen from a Punjab National Bank account to out station banks and withdrawn. This fraud happened in a span of five days from September 29th to October 7. The cops says that the first transaction was for 20.5 lakhs on sep 29. And after that successive transactions led to the withdrawal of money. The headquarters of PNB has denied the charges of a cyber crime. Instead they indicated this would have happened as a result of hackers who gained access to the respective accounts for the transactions. As it is really buzzing for us all we have to increase our security for our bank accounts. Two simple strategies to improve your security is never disclose your identity and personal information to the outside world or in any web communities and keep on changing your password with long characters as it will get very difficult for the hackers to crack using brute force attack. So, guys, its high time we look into this issue and prevent ourselves from being a victim.

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